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Exemption from certain provisions of the Indian Companies Act, 1913

17. Where an insurer, being a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1913 (7 of 1913), or under the Indian Companies Act, 1882 (6 of 1882), or under the Indian Companies Acts, 1866 (10 of 1866), or under any Act repealed thereby, in any year furnishes his balance sheet and accounts, in accordance with the provisions of section 15, he may at the same time send to the Registrar of Companies copies of such balance sheet and accounts; and where such copies are so sent it shall not be necessary for the Company to file copies of the balance-sheet and accounts with the Registrar as required by sub section (1) of section 134 of the first mentioned Act and such copies so sent shall be chargeable with the same fees and shall be dealt within all respects as if they were filed in accordance with that section.

This Act not to apply to preparation of account, etc., for periods prior to this Act coming into force.

17 A. Nothing in this Act shall apply to the preparation of accounts by an insurer and the audit and submission thereof in respect of any accounting year which has expired prior to the commencement of this Act, and notwithstanding the other provisions of this Act, such accounts shall be prepared, audited and submitted in accordance with the law in force immediately before the commencement of this Act.

Furnishing reports

18. Every insurer shall furnish to the Authority a certified copy of every report on the affairs of the concern which is submitted to the members or policy holders of the insurer immediately after its submission to the members or policy holders, as the case may be.

Abstract of proceedings of general meetings

19. Every insurer, being a company or body incorporated under any law for the time being in force in India, shall furnish to the Authority a certified copy of the minutes of the proceedings of every general meeting, as entered in the Minutes Book of the insurer within thirty days from the holding of the meeting to which it relates.

Custody and inspection of documents and supply of copies

20. (1) Every return furnished to the Authority or certified copy thereof shall be kept by the Authority and shall be open to inspection; and any person may procure a copy of any such return, or of any part thereof, on payment of a fee of six annas for every hundred words or fractional part thereof required to be copied, any five figures being deemed equivalent to one word.

(2) A printed or certified copy of the accounts, statements and abstract furnished in accordance with the provisions of section 15 or section 16 shall, on the application of any shareholder or policy holder made at any time within two years from the date on which the document was so furnished, be supplied to him by the insurer within fourteen days when the insurer is constituted, incorporated or domiciled in India and in any other case within one month of such application.

(3) A copy of the memorandum and articles of association of the insurer, if a company shall on the application of any policy holder, be supplied to him by the Insurer on payment of one rupee.

Powers of Controller regarding returns

21. (1) If it appears to the Authority that any return furnished to him under the provisions of this Act is inaccurate or defective in any respect, he may—

(a) require from the insurer such further information, certified if he so directs by an auditor or actuary, as he may consider necessary to correct or supplement such return;

(b) call upon the insurer to submit for his examination at the principal place of business of the insurer in India any book of account, register or ¬other document or to supply any statement which he may specify in a notice served on the insurer for the purpose;

(c) examine any officer of the insurer on oath in relation to the return;

(d) decline to accept any such return unless the inaccuracy has been corrected or the deficiency has been supplied before the expiry of one month from the date on which the requisition asking for correction of the inaccuracy or supply of the deficiency was delivered to the insurer or of such further time as the Authority may specify in the requisition and if he declines to accept any such return, the insurer shall be deemed to have failed to comply with the provisions of section 15 or section 16 or section 28 or section 28A or section 28B or section 64V relating to the furnishing of returns.

(2) The Court may on the application of an insurer and after hearing the Authority cancel any order made by the Authority under clause (`a), (b) or(c) of sub section (1) or may direct the acceptance of any return which the Authority has declined to accept, if the insurer satisfies the Court that action of the Authority was in the circumstances unreasonable:

Provided that no application under this subsection shall be entertained unless it is made before the expiration of four months from the time when the Authority made the order or declined to accept the return.

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