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Functions of the Executive Committee of General Insurance Council

64L (1) The functions of the Executive Committee of the General Insurance Council shall be

(a) to aid and advise insurers, carrying on general insurance business, in the matter of setting up standards of conduct and sound practice and in the matter of rendering efficient service to holders of policies of general insurance;

(b) to render advice to the Authority in the matter of controlling the expenses of such insurers carrying on business in India in the matter of commission and other expenses;

(c) to bring to the notice of the Authority the case of any such insurer acting in a manner prejudicial the interests of holders of general insurance po1icies;

(d) to act in any matter incidental or ancillary to any of the matters specified in Clauses (a) to (c)
as with the approval of the Authority may be notified by the General Insurance Council in the Gazette of India.

(2) For the purpose of enabling it effectively to discharge its functions, the Executive Committee of the General Insurance Council may collect such fees as may be prescribed from all insurers carrying on general insurance business:

Provided that if the General Insurance Council thinks fit, it may by a resolution passed by it, waive the collection of the prescribed fees for any year and where any such resolution has been approved by the Authority, the Executive Committee of the General Insurance Council shall not collect any fees in relation to that year.
Executive Committee of the General Insurance Council may advise in controlling expenses.

64M. (1) It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee of the General Insurance Council to meet at least once before the 31st day of March every year to advise the Authority in fixing under the proviso to subsection (1) of Section 40 C the limits by which the actual expenses of management incurred by an insurer carrying on general insurance business in respect of such business in the preceding year may exceed the limits prescribed under that sub section, and in the fixing any such limits the Authority shall have due regard to the conditions obtaining in general insurance business in the preceding year, and he may fix different limits for different groups of insurers.

(2) Where an insurer is guilty of contravening the provisions of Section 40C with respect to the expenses of management the Authority may, after giving the insurer an opportunity of being heard, administer a warning to the insurer.

(3) Where in any case two warnings given to an insurer under sub section (2) have been disregarded by him, the Authority may take such action against the insurer as may be prescribed.

Powers of Executive Committees to act together in certain cases

64N. The Central Government may prescribe the circumstances in which, the manner in which, and the conditions subject to which, the Executive committee of the Life Insurance Council and the Executive Committee of the General Insurance Council may hold joint meetings for the purpose of doing with any matter of common interest to both Committee, and it shall be lawful for the two Committees at any such joint meeting to delegate any matter under consideration for the determination of a sub committee appointed for this purpose from amongst the members of the two Committees.

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