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Investigation Power of investigation and inspection by Authority

(33). (1) The Authority may at any time, by order in writing, direct any person (hereinafter in this section referred to as “Investigating Authority”) specified in the order to investigate the affairs of any insurer and to report to the Authority on any investigation made by such Investigating Authority:

Provided that the Investigating Authority may, wherever necessary, employ an auditor or actuary or both for the purpose of assisting him in any investigation under this section.

(2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in Section 235 of the Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956), the Investigating Authority may, at any time, and shall, on being directed so to do by the Authority, cause an inspection to be made by one or more of his officers of any insurer and his books and accounts; and the Investigating Authority shall supply to the insurer a copy of his report on such inspection.

(3) It shall be the duty of eatery manager, managing director or other officer of the insurer to produce before the Investigating Authority directed to make the investigation under sub section (1) or inspection under sub section (2), all such books of account, registers and other documents in his custody or power and to furnish him with any statements and information relating to the affairs of the insurer as the said Investigating Authority may require of him within such time as the said Investigating Authority may specify.

(4) Any Investigating Authority, directed to make an investigation under sub section (1), or inspection under sub section (2) may examine on oath, any manager, managing director, or other officer of the insurer in relation to his bossiness and may administer oaths accordingly.

(5) The Investigating Authority shall, if he has been directed by the Authority to cause an inspection to be made, and may, in any other case, report to the Authority on any inspection made under this section.

(4) On receipt of any report under sub section (1) or under sub section (5), the Authority may, after giving such opportunity to the insurer to make a representation in connection with the report as in the opinion of the Authority, seems reasonable by order in writing,—

(a) require the insurer to take such action in respect of any matter arising out of the report as the Authority may think fit; or

(b) cancel the registration of the insurer; or

(c) direct any person to apply to the Court for the winding up of the insurer, if a company, whether the registration of the insurer has been cancelled under C1ause (b) or not.

(7) The Authority may, after giving reasonable notice to the insurer publish the report submitted by the Investigating Authority under sub-section (5) or such portion thereof as may appear to it to be necessary.

(8) The Authority may prescribe the minimum information to tee maintained by insurers in their books, the manner in which such information should be maintained, the checks and other verifications to be adopted by insurer, necessary to enable the Investigating Authority to discharge satisfactorily his functions under this section.

Explanation.—for the purposes of this section, the expression "insurer" shall include in the case of an insurer incorporated in India—

(a) all his subsidiaries formed for the purpose of carrying on the business of insurance exclusively outside India; and

(b) all his branches whether situated in India or outside India.

(9) No order made under this section other than an order made under Clause (b) of sub section (6) shall be capable of being called in question in any Court.

(10) All expenses of, and incidental to, any investigation made under this section shall be defrayed by the insurer, shall have priority over other debts due from the insurer and shall be recoverable as an arrear of land revenue.

Power to appoint staff

33A.The Authority may appoint such staff, and at such places as it or he may consider necessary, for the scrutiny of the returns, statements and information furnished by insurers under this Act and generally to ensure the efficient performance of the functions of the Authority under this Act.

Power of the Authority to issue directions

34. (1) where the Authority is satisfied that¬

(a) in the public interest; or

(b) to prevent the affairs of any insurer being conducted in a marina detrimental to the interests of the policy holders or in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the insurer; or

(c) generally to secure the proper management of any insurer, it is necessary to issue directions to insurers generally or to any insurer In particular, he may, from time to time, issue such directions as he deems fit, and the insurers or the insurer, as the case may be, shall be bound to comply with such directions:

Provided that no such directions shall be issued to any insurer in particular unless such insurer has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard

(2) The Authority may, on representation made to him or on his own motion, modify or cancel any direction issued under sub section (1), and in so modifying or canceling any directions, may impose such conditions as he thinks fit, subject to which the modification or cancellation shall have effect.

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