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General powers of Life Insurance Council and General Insurance Council

64R (1) For the efficient performance of its duties, the Life Insurance Council or the General Insurance Council, as the case may be, may¬

(a) appoint such officers and servants as may be necessary and fix the conditions of their service;

(b) determine the manner in which any prescribed fee may be collected;

(c) keep and maintain up to date a copy of the list of all insurers who are members or associate members of the Insurance Association of India;

(d) with the previous approval of the Authority, make regulations for¬

(i) the holding of elections other than the first elections;

(ii) the summoning and holding of meetings, the conduct of business thereat and the number of persons necessary to form a quorum;

(iii) the submission by insurers to the Executive Committee of the Life Insurance Council, or the General Insurance Council of such statements or information as may be required of them and the submission of copies thereof by the insurers to the Authority;

(iv) the levy and collection of any fees;

(v) the regulation of any other matter which may be necessary for the purpose of enabling it to carry out its duties under this Act.

(2) The Life Insurance Council or the General Insurance Council may authorise the Executive Committee concerned to exercise any of the powers conferred on the Life Insurance Council or the General Insurance Council, as the case may be, under C1ause (a), C1ause (b) or C1ause (c) of sub section (1).

Power of Central Government to remove difficulties

64S. The Central Government may exercise such powers as may be necessary for bringing the Life Insurance Council, the General Insurance Council or the Executive Committee of any of the said Councils, as the case may be, into effective existence for the purposes of this Part, and any such powers shall include

(a) the power to hold, in such manner as may be directed by the Central Government, the first elections to the Executive Committees of the Life Insurance Council and the General Insurance Council;

(b) where a notification under sub section (1) of Section 64A has been issued declaring provident societies to be members of the Insurance Association of India, the powers to associate provident societies effectively in the exercise of all powers and the discharge of all functions of the Life Insurance Council and the Executive Committee thereof;

(c) the power to make the provisions of Section 40B applicable to the provident societies specified in Clause (b) in the same manner as they apply to insurers.

Power to exempt

64T. The Central Government may, subject to such conditions and restrictions as it may think fit to impose, exempt any insurer specified in sub clause (c) of C1ause (9) of Section 2 from the operation of all or any of the provisions of this Part.

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